Season 1: Episode 23 - Firewall
Posted on May 18, 2012 12:00am

Finch informs Reese that their new POI is Zoe Morgan, a high-end therapist with an extremely powerful and secretive client list. Finch tries to hack into her system to get more information about her, but his attempts turn up empty, forcing Reese to go into therapy in order to get closer to her. Fusco gets a tip that HR wants to take Zoe out, but Reese intervenes and hides her in a swanky hotel downtown. The FBI agents chasing Reese receive an anonoymous tip about him being at the hotel, so both HR and the Feds converge on the hotel and lock it down, cornering Reese and Zoe. With some technical magic from Finch and some covert help from Carter and Fusco, Reese manages to get Zoe out of the hotel alive. He stays to help Carter and Fusco take down the dirty HR assassins, then avoids FBI capture once again. When Zoe meets Finch at their designated rendezvous, she pulls a gun and takes him by surprise. It turns out that Zoe Morgan is is only an alias for Finch's nemesis, Root, who willingly put herself in danger to capture him. The first season ends with Reese staring into a nearby surveillance camera, asking the machine to help him find Finch.