Season 2: Episode 3 - Masquerade
Posted on Oct 19, 2012 12:00am

It's Finch's first day back in the office after being rescued from Root's clutches. Reese goes undercover as a bodyguard for Sofia Branco, the daughter of a Brazilian diplomat with high political aspirations. Initially, it appears that Sofia could be the target of a political hit by some of her father's rivals, but Finch and Reese soon learn that it's her private life that's much more dangerous. Sofia got romantically involved with Jack Hughes, a trust fund brat turned secretive drug dealer, and wound up inadvertently recording evidence on her cell phone that linked Jack to another man's murder. Jack's violent counterpart, Monty, convinces him that Sofia needs to be eliminated. Reese enlists Fusco to watch Sofia as he and Carter go after Monty, but Monty gets the slip on them with Jack's help. After Finch gives them the heads up, Fusco, Reese, and Carter arrive just in time to incapacitate Monty and save Sofia from harm.

Meanwhile, Finch struggles to deal with the PTSD-like symptoms he's experiencing after being kidnapped by Root. He tries to venture outside of the Library, but the intensity of the bustling city is too much for him. Eventually, Reese and Bear manage to get him outside, and his slow healing process continues.