Season 2: Episode 5 - Bury The Lede
Posted on Nov 1, 2012 11:00pm

Reese and Finch have to get creative when their new POI turns out to be an investigative reporter tracking stories about a mysterious "man in a suit." The reporter, Maxine Cross, has made lots of enemies thanks to her hard-hitting brand of journalism, but her current obsession with identifying the head of HR could be the one story that gets her killed. In order to get close to her, Finch sets Reese up on a date with her via a matchmaking site, but that date quickly goes awry. Maxine received fault information and published an exclusive that "unmasked" the head of HR, but the man she accused wasn't the boss and she inadvertently helped an innocent man get killed. In talking to the FBI, Maxine and Reese learn that the man possessed a ledger with all the names of the crooked cops involved in HR, but he was killed before he had a chance to turn it over. Despite being reprimanded by her boss and nearly fired, Maxine won't give up on the story and tries to find the ledger before the HR goons can. Reese manages to keep up the dating charade and covertly keep her safe from HR hitmen until, with help from Carter and Fusco, they locate the ledger and turn it over to the FBI. Landon Walker, a mayoral candidate, is listed as the head of HR in the ledger, but it's revealed that his campaign manager, Andrew Walker, is the real puppet master. For now, the real head of HR remains at large.

Meanwhile, Simmons threatens Fusco and demands that he find the ledger before the cops do, otherwise he'll do something terrible to Fusco's son. Fusco manages to get his hands on the ledger before the FBI and tears out the pages with his and Simmons' name on it, keeping the wolf at bay for the time being.