Season 2: Episode 6 - The High Road
Posted on Nov 9, 2012 01:00am

The newest POI takes Reese and Finch out of the city and into the suburban New York; Rockaway, to be precise. Graham Wyler appears to live the ideal suburban life: he has a wife and young daughter, a beautiful home, and his own small business. Finch does some digging into his past, looking for any possible threats to Wyler or his family. Eventually, Finch comes across his 15-year-old death certificate, which makes Reese think Wyler is 'ghosting,' or has taken on a deceased person's identity for his own. In order to get a better idea of potential threats, Finch purchases a home across from the Wylers, and Reese and Zoe Morgan move in, posing as a new couple in the neighborhood. Reese manages to get Wyler's prints at a barbecue and sends them to Carter, who runs them and identifies Wyler as Lloyd Pruitt, a safe cracker that was involved with a crew of guys from Philadelphia. The leader of those ex-cons, Chris Vaughn, is now out on parole, and Reese quickly learns that he wants revenge on his former friend and partner. Vaughn threatens Wyler's family and forces Graham to participate in one last robbery in the city. Reese, Finch, and Carter team up to monitor the heist, but Reese is forced to intervene to save Graham's life. Reese takes out the bad guys and Graham turns himself in to the police, but luckily only gets sentenced to house arrest.

Flashbacks throughout the episode explain more about Finch, Ingram, and the creation of the machine. Finch walks the machine through some early rounds of 'threat identification' testing, which it passes with flying colors. The flashbacks also chronicle the beginning of Finch's relationship with Grace, whom he will eventually lose because of his involvement with the machine.