Season 2: Episode 7 - Critical
Posted on Nov 16, 2012 01:00am

Reese and Finch pay a visit to their latest POI, Dr. Maddy Enright, one of New York's best heart and trauma surgeons. Initially, it appears that Maddy might be the target of a hit, but it's later revealed that she's being forced to become the perpetrator. Alistair Wesley, a former British special ops agent, informs Maddy that her wife, Amy, will be killed by a sniper if she does not execute his plan to kill a patient during an operation. That patient is Oliver Veldt, a rich energy tycoon who personally selected Maddy for a top secret procedure. Reese goes off to see if he can save Amy from the snipers currently targeting her, while Finch stays with Maddy at the hospital and tries to find out more about Alistair and his team of hitmen. At the park, Reese takes out one of the hitmen, then engages in a game of high stakes cat and mouse with Alistair, who warns Reese that Amy will be killed if he interferes again. With some help from Fusco and a risky gamble, Reese manages to extract Amy from the park and take out all of the operatives except Alistair. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Alistair's planted a nurse, and that nurse manages to cut Veldt's artery before Finch knocks her out. Maddy rushes to stop the bleeding and, with some help from a very uneasy Finch, manages to save Veldt's life.

Meanwhile, Carter follows clues left to her by Agent Snow, who is being forced to run a variety of mysterious errands for Kara Stanton under a threat of death. Snow leads Carter to what he thinks is a private area, but Stanton interrupts and has a shootout with Carter before vanishing with Snow.