Season 2: Episode 9 - C.O.D.
Posted on Dec 7, 2012 01:00am

Finch informs Reese that their new POI is a former major league baseball prospect turned cab driver named Fermin Ordonez, and the two trade off tailing Fermin in his cab as he drives around the streets of New York City. They reason that almost anyone who gets into Fermin's cab could pose a threat to him, so they must keep a close eye on him. When a leggy blonde Estonian woman has Fermin drive her into a secluded area of the city which Reese recognizes as a trap, he's forced to intervene and save Fermin from a group of attacking Estonian mobsters. Later, as they run from the mob, Fermin admits that one of his previous fares, Vadim Pushkov, left a laptop in his cab that he recently sold for cash. Pushkov turned up dead, and now there's a race to locate the laptop between the Feds, the Estonians, and our heroes. Finch tracks it down and buys it off a third party dealer who wants to make some quick cash, but he's quickly intercepted by the blonde Estonian and her henchmen. Reese and Fermin arrive in the nick of time to save Finch, take out the bad guys, and recover the laptop. In the end, Fermin is able to work out a trade with the Feds: he gives them the laptop in exchange for bringing his estranged wife and son over to the United States from Cuba.

Meanwhile, Simmons puts heat on Fusco to deliver a message from HR to the incarcerated criminal mastermind, Elias. Fusco and another HR crony go to deliver the message, but end up getting double crossed. Elias has no plans to work with HR in the future.