Season 2: Episode 10 - Shadow Box
Posted on Dec 14, 2012 12:00am

Reese and Finch must protect Abby Logan, a young woman who was recently fired within the last few weeks from a military charity called Homes for our Returning Heroes. As they begin to look into her past, they learn that she has teamed up with an ex-Marine named Shayn Huson, and together the two are planning to rob the bank that houses the funds for Homes for our Returning Heroes. While it initially looks like Abby and Shayn are the bad guys, Reese discovers that Homes for our Returning Heroes is actually a corrupt organization that made millions off of veterans through predatory lending schemes, which does not sit well with Reese at all. Reese helps Abby and Shayn break into the bank and help steal the incriminating financial records, but not before being caught by the FBI with three other goons who work for Homes for our Returning Heroes. None of the men will talk, so Agent Donnelly and the Feds don't know who the real Man in the Suit is and they're forced to arrest the whole bunch.

FBI Agent Donnelly approaches Carter with an offer: he'll tell her about their plans to catch the Man in the Suit if she takes a temporary position with the bureau. Hoping to help Reese, she accepts, then learns that the Feds have found a way to triangulate the cell phone that Reese uses. They conduct a raid on the bank as Reese and the POI are robbing it, which results in Reese's capture and arrest.