Season 2: Episode 13 - Dead Reckoning
Posted on Feb 1, 2013 12:00am

Picking up where episode #212 left off, Reese is kidnapped by rogue Agent Kara Stanton, while Carter is left for dead in Donnelly's wrecked SUV. Stanton puts a bomb vest on Reese and tells him that he and Agent Snow will be running errands for her, and if they choose not to comply, she'll kill them both. Stanton's plan involves Snow and Reese breaking into a top secret Department of Defense cyber terrorism lab, which the men successfully do, only to have Stanton appear and hack into the database herself. She locks them in the lab, but Reese and Snow manage to break out. Reese races to the roof, hoping that he can get far enough away from innocent people, but he finds Finch waiting for him. Finch successfully hacks the cell phone detonator on Reese's bomb vest in the nick of time, saving both of their lives. Snow, meanwhile, manages to catch up with Stanton just as his bomb vest explodes, killing them both.

Through flashbacks, we see Agent Stanton's interactions with a mysterious British man named Greer after her near-death experience in China. Greer offers to help her find the person responsible for stealing the laptop that she was sent to retrieve in China, but only if she'll do a few favors for him in return. In the end, the exercise in the D.O.D's lab was for Greer, and he informs her that the man she's looking for is Harold Finch. Though Stanton appears to be dead, it appears that Greer knows of Finch, though it remains to be seen what his long term goals are.