Season 2: Episode 15 - Booked Solid
Posted on Feb 15, 2013 12:00am

Reese and Finch go undercover at a swanky hotel as a bellhop and concierge, respectively, to protect Mira Dobrica, an Albanian immigrant who works as a maid. With over 700 guests at the hotel at any given time, the threat to Mira's life could seemingly come from anywhere, but as Reese gets closer to her, it's clear that her involvement with a daring journalist staying at the hotel presents the biggest threat to her safety. The journalist, Charles Harris, is working on a piece about a former Serbian Colonel named Petrovic, who committed war crimes in Kosovo that Mira saw with her own eyes. Unfortunately, Petrovic's people have figured out that Mira is Harris' informant, and they will do anything to silence both of them, including sending a hit squad to the hotel. Reese manages to disarm the hitmen and save Mira, but she has another close call later at the police precinct, where Carter and Fusco have to intervene and shoot the final hitman to save her life.