Season 2: Episode 16 - Relevance
Posted on Feb 22, 2013 12:00am

We open in Berlin, where we meet a fiery, skilled field agent named SHAW, who efficiently takes out a trio of suspected terrorists with her genius and tech-savvy partner, COLE. The duo operates quite a lot like Reese and Finch, though it is unclear what their connection is to our heroes. After the Berlin job is done, Cole informs Shaw that they have a new number, and that they're headed to New York City. Once in New York, they begin to stake out their new target, while Cole begins to question where, exactly their numbers and intel comes from. Shaw reminds him that their source is never wrong, and that they've prevented countless terrorist attacks because of it, but Cole is determined to get answers. He tells Shaw that he unearthed some odd irregularities in a past job (Krugman) that trace back to their superiors, and that he's asked for a formal internal investigation. That investigation never happens, however, because Shaw and Cole are set up inside a kill house, where Cole is mortally wounded. Shaw escapes, with a little help from Reese, before shooting him and making a run for it. Shaw's handler, Wilson, contacts Special Counsel and informs him of the situation, which is grave, to say the least. Despite her being one of their best operatives, Special Counsel wants Shaw found and neutralized as soon as possible. Shaw vows to avenge her partner's death, so she sets up a meeting with Cole's information contact, who turns out to be Root in disguise. Root disables Shaw and tries to extract information from her, but another hit team arrives and interrupts the interrogation. Reese comes to Shaw's rescue, but Root escapes. Reese takes Shaw to Finch, who encourages her to let them help her disappear, but she's determined to extract vengeance for Cole's death. Shaw then sets up meet with Special Counsel, where she gives him Cole's information, kills Wilson, and escapes. Hersh sneaks up on her and poisons her, but our heroes are there to save her once again. At the end of the episode, Finch offers her his card, which she takes and then disappears.