Season 2: Episode 17 - Proteus
Posted on Mar 8, 2013 12:00am

A brief three day hiatus without any numbers from the machine has Finch worried - could Agent Stanton's virus be to blame? Luckily, Finch and Reese soon find themselves with six new numbers, spread out across the country, with the lone New Yorker being Jack Rollins. Finch tries to find connections between the six POIs, all men who mysteriously vanished after a certain period of time, while Reese follows Rollins' paper trail to Owen Island, where he supposedly went in a hurry. While Reese heads for the island, Finch investigates Rollins' workplace and finds 32 human teeth in a basement furnace, and they quickly realize they're searching for a serial killer who assumes the identities of his victims. With a massive storm moving in, communications go down and Reese gets trapped on the island with an FBI agent, Alan Faber, and a handful of other locals at the sheriff station. Finch takes a sea plane and lands on the island, hoping to warn Reese about the serial killer, and they wind up administering a jerry-rigged polygraph to all the people holed up at the station. When one of the locals disappears out into the storm, Reese gives chase to capture him, only to discover the body of the real Agent Faber in the truck of his car. Back at the station, Declan, the killer, corners Finch and plans to assume his identity next. Luckily, Detectives Carter and Beecher arrive in the nick of time and killer Declan, saving Finch. After avoiding the issue for a while, Carter finally confronts Beecher about his issues with Internal Affairs. He appears stunned by her accusations and gives very noncommittal answers, which puts Carter even more on edge.