Season 2: Episode 19 - Trojan Horse
Posted on Apr 5, 2013 12:00am

While Reese goes off to check up on Shaw (episode #216), Finch must pose as an I.T. specialist at Rylatech, one of the most successful networking firms in the country, to protect the new POI, Monica Jacobs. Initially, it appears that Monica might be stealing sensitive information from her employers and selling it, but when she's framed by her coworkers and fired, Finch begins to suspect that something much more sinister is in the works. After digging into the electronic history of the company and the personal records recently deceased employee, Finch discovers that a group of employees within Rylatech are acting as spies, using the company software to infiltrate and steal corporate and government secrets to sell to the Chinese. Using Bear as a diversion, Reese and Monica manage to sneak back into Rylatech and uncover a list of the spies within the company, including the CEO, who takes his own life after a mysterious phone call from Greer. In the end, Monica is saved, and Finch inches closer to unraveling the mystery of the Stanton Virus, as he discovers that a group called Decima created it with the sole purpose of infiltrating the Machine. Meanwhile, at Carter and Fusco's urging, Beecher goes to talk with Elias in prison to determine whether or not slain Detective Szymanski was actually a dirty cop. After hearing about Beecher's meeting with Elias, Quinn decides that it's time to permanently stop Beecher's investigation and orders a hit on him. Finch gets Beecher's number from the Machine, but Carter and Fusco arrive to the scene too late and Beecher is killed.