Season 2: Episode 22 - God Mode
Posted on May 10, 2013 12:00am

After the machine reset itself in episode #221, Reese and Root both obtained admin access, or as Root calls it, "God Mode." Now, Root uses her newfound access to the machine to locate the one man who can tell her about the machine's true location: Larry Szilard, a nuclear engineer. Szilard is killed by Decima operatives before he give Root the information she wants, but Finch finally has seen enough and confesses that he knows where it is, promising to take her to there. Meanwhile, Reese uses his admin machine access to track Finch and Root, hoping to rescue his friend once more. The machine has other ideas and continues to give Reese POI numbers, which he and Shaw quickly deal with as they chase after Root. Eventually, Finch leads Root to a secret nuclear facility in Washington - the last known location of the machine - and she's stunned to find out that it's gone. Finch informs her that he set it free to protect it, and Reese and Shaw show up just in time to fend off Special Counsel, Hersh, and Control, the leader of the Decima program. In the end, Reese and Finch make amends and resume their standard day-to-day with new numbers, but an institutionalized Root gets an unexpected phone call from the machine... Meanwhile, Carter is in the midst of fighting an internal affairs investigation when Terney informs her that her life is riding on this case. If she fights, HR will kill her, Fusco, and maybe even her son. If she doesn't, she'll be demoted down to uniform and will still be a cop. Furious, Carter clones Terney's phone and learns of his plans to assassinate Elias. She intervenes and saves Elias, but isn't quite sure what her next move will be.