Season 3: Episode 1 - Liberty
Posted on Sep 25, 2013 12:00am

Reese, Finch, and Shaw are tasked with protecting Jack Crawford, a Navy seaman in Manhattan for a week of shore leave. Finding Jack among the thousands of sailors in the local bars proves to be a challenge, but Reese eventually spots him at a speakeasy with his shipmate RJ. After Jack and RJ split up, Reese watches as Jack is confronted by Rip and a group of special forces Marines known as Devil Dogs. The Devil Dogs want a set of uncut diamonds that he unknowingly helped smuggle back in the States for them. Reese intervenes and brings Jack to a safe house, where Shaw utilizes her medical skills and removes a bullet from Jack's shoulder. Jack is then contacted by the Devil Dogs again, who inform them that they have RJ and will kill him if he doesn't return the diamonds. Reese and Shaw accompany Jack to the drop, but the Devil Dogs set a trap for them, forcing our heroes to stay behind with RJ, who has been wired up with a bomb. Fusco comes to relieve Reese and disarm the bomb, and Reese races to track Jack down again before it's too late. Carter speaks with Elias, whom she is secretly hiding, and gets the name of a Russian diamond fence, Maksim, who would likely broker the Devil Dogs' deal. Reese and Shaw arrive at Maksim's store in the nick of time, rescuing Jack from a violent gunfight between the Devil Dogs and a whole crew of Russian thugs. Meanwhile, Root is locked up in a mental institution and forced to have lengthy therapy sessions with a Dr. Carmichael. He is dissatisfied with her progress and her refusal to discuss the "voice" she hears, so he locks her up in solitary. However, in the first session after her time in solitary, Root unloads a vast array of personal information about Dr. Carmichael that only the Machine could know, indicating that she is still very much in contact with the mysterious source of the numbers...