Season 3: Episode 2 - Nothing To Hide
Posted on Oct 2, 2013 12:00am

Wayne Kruger, the new POI, founded a company called Lifetrace and makes his money by selling his users’ private information to companies. Despite the ethical issues, Kruger swears by his website and flaunts its security; he even puts his own profile online to show he has nothing to hide. However at the party for his wedding anniversary, a cute slideshow dedicated to his "perfect” relationship with his wife starts to expose Kruger’s infidelity. As someone begins to unravel Kruger’s personal life, Finch begins to suspect that the attacks will eventually escalate to murder. Sure enough, Kruger’s car is hacked into and forced into a brutal crash, which he barely survives. Reese takes him to a safehouse, where he and Finch press Kruger for information about who might want to make an attempt on his life. Unfortunately, Kruger’s list of enemies is extensive, due to the fact that his company has caused irreparable damage to the lives and careers of numerous people. Finch eventually finds Stu Sommers, the father of a woman who was killed because her stalker located her information on Lifetrace, and believes Sommers may be behind the plot to kill Kruger as revenge. Kruger, not content to hide out, ambushes Finch and knocks him unconscious before going to track down Sommers. Kruger finds Sommers and, at gunpoint, forces him into a meeting with a former client, Collier, in an attempt to save his company’s reputation. Kruger tries to get Stu to confess to Collier that he organized an elaborate plan to take revenge on Kruger and destroy his life, but Collier surprises everyone by shooting Reese and Kruger, revealing that he was behind the plot all along. Luckily, Reese’s vest catches the bullet, but he doesn’t recover quickly enough to catch Collier before he escapes. Meanwhile, Carter has a new partner to train on patrol, Nick Laskey. After doubting his credentials and skills at first, Laskey reveals that he picked Carter as a partner because he admired her record and thought he could learn a lot from her.