Season 3: Episode 3 - Lady Killer
Posted on Oct 9, 2013 12:00am

Reese and Shaw follow our new POI, Ian Costa, who appears to be a lothario and very efficient stalker. Reese breaks into his apartment and finds dossiers about a variety of women, including Dana Wellington, who recently died in an accident. Worried that Ian’s stalker behavior has escalated into serial killing, the team sets a trap for Ian at a local nightclub, using Shaw, Zoe, and Carter as bait. Ian takes an interest in Carter and asks her out on a date, and while on the date, Carter and Ian are accosted by hired guns that are after Ian. After learning that their presumed serial killer is actually a potential victim, Finch discovers that the thugs hired to kill Ian were sent by a Bruce Wellington, Dana’s father. Ian tells Carter and Reese that Dana was an old love from college and they had accidentally gotten pregnant. Wellington was a powerful man who didn’t want his name damaged, so he made Dana get an abortion and paid Ian to leave his daughter alone. Ian hadn’t had contact with Dana or her family until he went to the funeral to pay his respects, and while he was there, Bruce Wellington snapped. Wellington put the hit on Ian to make sure that Ian didn’t find out that Dana never had an abortion and that Ian’s son is actually alive and well. Overcome with a desire to see his son, Ian kidnaps the boy while Reese, Zoe, and Shaw search for the birth certificate in hopes of getting Ian rightful custody. Overcome with guilt, Ian calls Carter to apologize for the kidnapping and to set things right. Dana’s sister, who had been raising Ian’s son, agrees to give Ian visitation, while Bruce Wellington is arrested for attempted murder. Meanwhile, the Machine tips Root off that Hersh is scouring mental hospitals up and down the eastern seaboard and planning to kill her when he finds her. With the Machine’s help, Root engineers an escape from the mental hospital, narrowly avoiding being shot by the trained assassin.