Season 3: Episode 4 - Reasonable Doubt
Posted on Oct 16, 2013 12:00am

Vanessa Watkins was a successful prosecutor who left her career behind to marry a ruthless defense attorney, Jeremy Watkins. After her husband goes missing and is presumed dead, the machine gives Finch her number. Vanessa is arrested on suspicion of murdering her husband, but she escapes police custody and becomes the focus of a citywide manhunt. Reese and Shaw try to keep up with this elusive and intelligent POI, eventually cornering her and bringing her to one of Finch’s safehouses. Finch learns that Vanessa’s husband was deep in debt to a mobster, so there is a chance that he could have been killed for failing to pay his debt. However, Finch also discovers that Vanessa’s husband was having an affair with her best friend, which gives her a clear motive to kill him. Ultimately, our team is unsure whether Vanessa is the perpetrator or a potential victim, so they hold a mock trial, allowing Vanessa to defend herself against their cross-examiner, Carter. A short time later, Finch gets word from Fusco that Jeremy is actually still alive, and that he has cashed out a large sum of money from their joint charity. Convinced that Vanessa is innocent, Reese takes her to a bus station so she can start a new life. However, he soon learns that Vanessa wants to get revenge of her own, and she goes to confront Jeremy on their yacht. Reese arrives in time to intervene, but he decides to let the duplicitous ex-lovers handle their issues on their own…