Season 3: Episode 5 - Razgovor
Posted on Oct 23, 2013 12:00am

Finch informs Reese and Shaw that the new number belongs to an immigrant by the name of Genrika 'Gen' Zhirova, who they are surprised to learn is a 10 year-old girl living with her lowlife cousin Vadim in the Staten Island projects. When Gen is chased by a group of Russian mobsters who want to kidnap her, Reese and Shaw intervene, with Reese picking off wave after wave of thugs while Shaw keeps watch over Gen. Shaw learns that Gen, a little spy at heart, had taken to secretly recording the conversations of nearly everyone in her building. In the process, she recorded a conversation between HR and the Russian mob that detailed HR's plans to use the Russian distribution network to traffic bath salts. Now, both the Russians and HR are after her to get access to those tapes. The thugs get the drop on Shaw, shoot her, and nab Gen, but Shaw bravely soldiers on. After Reese and Carter interrogate one of the Russian higher ups for intel, Shaw tracks Detective Terney to the drug manufacturing center, subdues the thugs, and rescues Gen. Meanwhile, Laskey confronts Carter about her relationship with the man in the suit, threatening to take her out permanently. During the meeting, Carter shoots a retired dirty cop with Laskey's gun, then informs Laskey that she won't pin the murder on him if he agrees to work for her now. In flashback, we see glimpses of a terrible car accident that killed Shaw's father when she was very young, and the very muted reaction that she had to the event. Through the flashbacks and her interactions with Gen in present day, it becomes clear that Shaw responds very differently to emotional events than most people.