Season 3: Episode 6 - Mors Praematura
Posted on Oct 30, 2013 12:00am

Reese and Finch must protect Timothy Sloan, an estate investigator searching for clues about who murdered his foster brother, Jason Greenfield. The official cause of death for Jason was a heroin overdose, but Sloan refuses to believe it, especially since Greenfield was a renowned computer hacker and had made some powerful enemies as of late. Finch manages to decrypt a nearly destroyed flash drive and learns that Greenfield was involved with members of the secretive Vigilance group, including Peter Collier, who was responsible for the death of deceased POI Wayne Kruger. Finch and Reese theorize that Collier killed Greenfield and is out to kill Sloan for digging too deep. Meanwhile, Root kidnaps Shaw and explains to her that the machine has a special mission for them. Using the machine’s instructions as a guide, Shaw poses as a CIA agent and delivers her captive, Root, to a mobile transport unit that exploits a legal loophole that allows them to detain prisoners indefinitely. While there, they find Jason Greenfield, still very much alive, and they help him escape before Collier and his operatives can kill him. Reese corners Collier, but Collier shoots Sloan in the femoral artery and escapes while Reese stays to keep Sloan alive. In the end, both POIs are saved and Shaw helps apprehend Root, whom Finch keeps in the library for the time being. Carter orders Laskey to keep her in the loop for all of the activities that HR involves him in. Laskey is crushed when Simmons has him bury the body of Morozov, a Russian business owner and one of his good friends. He then informs Carter that his real name is Mikhail Lesnichy, and that he is one of 12 Russians on the police force with ties to HR.