Season 3: Episode 8 - Endgame
Posted on Nov 13, 2013 12:00am

Finch and Reese are shocked as thirty-eight new numbers pour in simultaneously, each belonging to a different, high-ranking official inside HR. They quickly deduce that the threat to these various HR members is the result of simmering tensions between the corrupt police group and Yorogov's Russians, who have been smuggling HR's drugs. In an attempt to pit the two criminal groups against each other, Carter hijacks one of the Russian trucks carrying a large supply of drugs, then enlists Elias to feed Yorogov a folder containing the names of multiple HR officials, including Alonzo Quinn. The Russians and HR come to blows, with HR's legal muscle gaining the upper hand and wiping out many of Yorogov's henchmen. Carter offers Yorogov safety in exchange for a confession and witness testimony against Alonzo Quinn, which he is forced to accept. She then asks a judge for a warrant to arrest Quinn, but the judge turns her over to HR when she arrives at his home. Reese and Shaw come to her rescue and a giant gunfight ensues. Quinn is wounded in the process, and Carter and Reese sneak him out and begin to make their way towards FBI headquarters. Unfortunately, a police dash cam catches a clear shot of Reese's face, and Simmons distributes it to the entirety of HR and to every criminal group in the city with the instruction to kill the Man in The Suit. In flashbacks, we see Carter struggle with distancing herself from Paul, her one time partner and the father of her son, Taylor. Paul refused to seek treatment for his PTSD forced Carter's hand, preventing him from spending any time with his son. Years later, Paul agreed to seek psychological help at the VA and made substantial progress. It is later revealed that Carter has Taylor staying with Paul as she continues her quest to bring down HR.