Season 3: Episode 9 - The Crossing
Posted on Nov 20, 2013 12:00am

Reese and Carter drag a wounded Alonzo Quinn away from a gunfight with HR and head for the Federal Building to turn him over to the FBI. Finch informs them that Reese’s number has come up, and that Simmons distributed Reese’s photo to every dirty cop, gangbanger, and hired thug in the city, putting a massive bounty on his head. Undeterred, Reese continues to help Carter bring Quinn closer and closer to the Federal Building, dodging HR roadblocks and armed thugs at every turn. Eventually, Reese and Carter are cornered in the City Morgue, and HR kills the power in the entire block, cutting them off from all contact with Finch. Reese sneaks away to lure the dirty cops away from Carter, who then finds an alternate route out of the morgue with Quinn before the remaining hitmen can get to her. Carter turns Quinn over to the Feds, and Finch has Reese arrested by two cops with no ties to HR to put him out of harm’s way.