Season 3: Episode 10 - The Devil's Share
Posted on Nov 27, 2013 12:00am

A badly-wounded Reese goes on the hunt for Officer Simmons, seeking vengeance for what he did to Carter, and Finch tries to locate his friend before he succumbs to his injuries. Finch and Fusco trace Reese’s trail of destruction until they find Shaw interrogating a forger that Simmons hired to get him a new identity and passport. Shaw explains that Reese beat her to the forger, beat him badly for information, but still could not get a confirmed location for Simmons. The forger tells them that only Alonzo Quinn would know Simmons’ escape plan, but Quinn is being held in a secret location by a large cadre of armed Federal Agents. Left with no other option, Finch frees Root from her Faraday cage and allows the Machine to contact her, ultimately leading them to Quinn’s location. When they arrive, they discover that Reese has already blasted his way through the guards and is mere seconds away from killing Quinn, but Finch talks him down and Reese passes out from blood loss. Despite Quinn giving up Simmons’ escape plan, Finch opts not to pursue him, but Fusco has another idea. Fusco catches up to Simmons at Teterboro Airport, goes one-on-one with him in a fistfight, and arrests the dirty cop once and for all.