Season 3: Episode 14 - Provenance
Posted on Feb 5, 2014 12:00am

Our heroes are given the number for a POI named Kelly Lin, whom they originally believe to be an accomplished event planner but turns out to be a former Chinese Olympic gymnast turned high-end thief. Shaw interferes with Kelly’s plan to steal a Gutenberg Bible and detains her, only to learn that Kelly was forced into the life of crime by a group of Czech extortionists who kidnapped her daughter, Kai. Cyril, her point of contact with the Czechs, informs her that she’ll never see her daughter again if she can’t procure the Bible for him, so our heroes agree to help Kelly steal the Bible and save her daughter. Unfortunately, the Gutenberg Bible has been moved inside a state-of-the-art security complex in the financial district, so Finch and the team have to get creative in order to break in. He enlists Zoe’s help to get Reese, Shaw, and Kelly inside, and then uses all the technology at his disposal to help them get past the building’s impressive security systems. Reese acts as a decoy, gets arrested, and then escapes with the help of Fusco, while Shaw and Kelly locate the Bible and manage to escape in the nick of time. Kelly brings the Bible to Cyril, who refuses to honor their agreement and demands that she continue working for him. He calls his counterparts in Prague to threaten Kelly’s daughter again, but is surprised when Reese answers on the other end, takes out the Czech extortionists, and rescues Kai.