Season 1: Episode 4 - Cura Te Ipsum
Posted on Oct 13, 2011 11:00pm

Finch makes the first approach to the Person of Interest, by posing as a patient in the E.R. so he can get close to Dr. Megan Tillman and switch out her pager for a clone with a bug. Reese continues the surveillance and his first suspicion is that she has a stalker named Marcus Benton, a successful investment banker, with a history of date rape accusations (though no convictions). As the surveillance continues, Reese realizes the Dr. is leading a double life, staying out all night and working at the hospital during the day. Reese and Finch realize all is not what it seems when Megan uses an alias when she meets Benton, and when she follows Marcus home, Reese realizes she's stalking Benton. Further investigation reveals that Megan's sister was raped by Benton in college. The case was thrown out, but Megan's sister never recovered emotionally and committed suicide a year later. Megan saw Benton a month earlier and has been hatching a plan to get her revenge. Meanwhile, the drug gang Fusco was dealing with (pilot) have come back to get their missing money. Reese gets involved but the gang nearly prevents him from stopping Megan kill Benton. Also, Carter gets suspicious when she studies the video of the police evidence locker robbery (#103): she sees Reese talking to a witness (Finch using an alias). She goes to interview Finch but when she returns with additional questions, Finch and all signs his him have disappeared.