Season 1: Episode 5 - Judgment
Posted on Oct 20, 2011 11:00pm

Reese tracks a by-the-book judge whose number comes up as the Person of Interest. Unfortunately, Reese arrives at the judge's house to get some background information and arrives in time to witness the judge's son being kidnapped, but too late to stop it. Reese chooses to connect with the person of interest in order to gain his trust and help save his son. Turns out the kidnappers want the judge to manipulate a case he's overseeing so the defense will win. Reese identifies the kidnappers as a group of Russian mobsters and spends his time searching for the son while Finch investigates the connection between the Russian mobsters and the defendant, a bank programming who is secretly launders money for the Russians and who killed a man while DUI. As time passes, the judge is forced into throwing the case; then he quietly sets up a time to go retrieve his son. Reese and Finch know the kidnappers plan on killing both the judge and his son and Reese must save them.