Season 1: Episode 6 - The Fix
Posted on Oct 27, 2011 11:00pm

Reese fills in as the driver for Zoe, the Person of Interest. Zoe’s background is mysterious as she doesn’t have an employment record and lives in a very expensive apartment. As Reese takes her to a few calls, he figures out she’s a high-priced ‘fixer’ who smoothes over problems for corporate clients as well as some public officials. She’s clearly a match for Reese and he’s very intrigued by her. After completing one assignment, there’s an attempt on her life. She retrieved a flash drive with a seemingly benign recording to the head of a drug company on the verge of launching a new migraine medication, and clearly the drug company doesn’t want the recording to get out. Reese and Zoe work together closely to figure out what the drug company is hiding; Finch also works on this problem by going undercover to meet with the head of the drug company and analyzing the recording. Turns out, the voice on the recording was a previous POI, before Finch had found Reese and taking down the drug company becomes very personal for Finch.