Season 1: Episode 12 - Legacy
Posted on Jan 20, 2012 01:00am

Andrea Gutierrez is the person of interest; she's a feisty lawyer, who’s only had losing cases in her short career. Her current case is a lawsuit against the city to get an ex-con’s latest drug charges thrown out so he can regain custody of his young son. Reese manages to thwart one attack on Andrea’s life and put her out of harm’s way, but the person who wants her dead is persistent. As Finch, with Carter’s help, investigates Andrea’s background and current caseload, they uncover a huge conspiracy in DFS regarding its placement of children in foster care for money. Unfortunately, Andrea’s gets lured into a trap and Reese rushes to get there in time. Also, Finch meets up with the son of his deceased partner, Ingram. Will Ingram left his medical residency to work for Doctors Without Borders after his father’s untimely death. Though he inherited his father’s fortune, he has no idea about his father’s work and believes Finch is an insurance agent with no computer skills. Taking Finch’s advice to stay in town, he decides he’s going to connect with his father’s memory by investigating his life.