Season 1: Episode 13 - Root Cause
Posted on Feb 3, 2012 01:00am

­Reese follows their POI, Scott Powell, to a political fundraiser where Powell has been hired as a day worker to blow confetti from one of the rafters. Turns out, Powell has been set up to take the fall when the politician is assassinated by a sniper who's hiding in the rafters. Powell has been hiding the fact that he's been unemployed for six months and on the verge of losing everything. He's also allegedly sent hate mail to the murdered politician and purchased a rifle that was used in the attack. Reese and Finch know its all a setup, but it's difficult to prove. Finch calls in political "fixer" Zoe (#106) to help their cause, but their mission is further compromised when the hacker who helped set up Powell infiltrates Finch's computer and Finch has to shut everything down. The hacker, named Root, gets away but promise Finch she'll be back.