Season 1: Episode 14 - Wolf and Cub
Posted on Feb 10, 2012 01:00am

­Fourteen-year-old Darren McGrady is the POI and he's disappeared after witnessing the murder of his older brother. Reese manages to track Darren down and has Fusco put him in a safe home while he works to find who murdered Darren but Darren escapes so Reese must find him again. Darren tells Reese he knows Reese is a Ronin and offers Reese all the money he has to help seek justice for his dead brother. Reluctantly, Reese takes a quarter and agrees to help Darren, but insists there will be no killing. With Carter's help, Reese figures out who the killers are and uncovers a vast lottery scam worth millions of dollars. In the end, Darren wants to kill his brother's murderers but Reese prevents him from making this mistake. Carter arrests the killers and Reese makes sure Darren is well set up for his future. Also, Will Ingram decides to contact an old friend of his father's, hoping she'll answer some questions. Finch is initially worried she'll tell Will something about the machine, but instead, she feeds him a story about how the government bailed out his father during hard times. Unfortunately, Will makes an offhand remark about his father's best friend (Finch, using an alias), potentially exposing Finch.