Season 1: Episode 16 - Risk
Posted on Feb 24, 2012 01:00am

­With Finch putting up lucrative financial backing, Reese poses as a wealthy investor in order to get close to the person of interest, a wealthy and intelligent stock analyst who's riding a wave of investment success. Finch does some background research on the analyst, Adam Saunders, and the only flaws on his record are his involvment in a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation into his firm and his secret romance with his boss, Sydney Baylor. However, no charges were ever filed against him and he appears to be making his money legally. Someone attempts a professional hit on Adam, but Reese saves his life and sends him into hiding in a nearby homeless encampment. Adam warns Reese that whoever is after him could be after Baylor as well, but they arrive at her apartment, they find that she's been murdered all the evidence points to Adam. On top of that, someone at the firm is engineering a massive short sell of stock, which could earn them millions while bankrupting thousands of the firm's investors. Finch hacks his way into Adam's company and is able to track the money he invested to the people responsible for the short sell; one of Adam's coworkers and a corrupt SEC agent. Finch and Adam mastermind and execute a plan to cut off the short-sell, get the investors' money back, and catch the bad guys. At the end of the episode, Reese intercepts a cell phone from Scarface that connects him to Elias.