What We Learned from the Person of Interest Panel at Comic Con: Executive Producers and Cast Share the Love
Posted on Jul 26, 2014 10:25pm

Comic-Con welcomed back the producers and cast of Person of Interest Saturday. Check out all the things we learned from the panel. But first, take a look at an exclusive season highlight reel.

1. Comic-Con is their favorite.

2. Jim Caviezel has fun watching the show.

3. Michael Emerson has only had an on-screen romance with his real life wife.

4. Sarah Shahi plays favorites.

5. We may see Paige Turco back on the show at some point
6. Clearly, we don't know who Samaritan really is.
7. The drama keeps everyone on their toes.
8. Sarah Shahi likes to take risks.
9. It's important to have strong female characters.
10. We might not like what's about to happen with the "voice" of the machine.
11. Get ready because they're turning up the heat this season.
12. Jim really appreciates his fans.
13. The composer behind the music on the show is one of the best in the industry.
14. Kevin Chapman has his own favorite moments.
15. Michael considers the mathematical moments an acting challenge, and he loves it.
16. Michael might have had fun on that, ahem, other show, but he's happy where he's at now.