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Season 1: Episode 2 - Single Point of Failure
Posted on Sep 30, 2014 12:00am

There are some problems even a genius can’t solve. Walter usually likes to keep emotions at bay. That is – unless you mention his sister. Turns out, Walter has an older sister he adores, but she suffers from advanced MS (multiple sclerosis). She’s partially paralyzed and despite his genius, Walter feels he can do nothing to help her.

He can however, help on Gallo’s next case. Agent Gallo introduces the gang to a desperate Governor of California. The Governor’s teenage daughter is near death with a virus she just contracted. The Governor shows Scorpion his daughter’s laptop, where she received an ominous e-mail message: "It’s your fault she’s sick.” Walter says it’s bio-hacking. Someone sent the message and the virus specifically for the Governor’s daughter – no one else in the family was infected.

The Governor’s daughter has only 24 hours to live and that gives the Scorpion crew less than 24 hours to find who sent this computer virus, reverse its affects and save the girl’s life.

They track down the perpetrator to an Internet company. Seems one of their employees needed some extra cash, so he picked up a sketchy job on Craigslist. The unwitting perp sent out 4 emails, with 4 unique viruses and the same damning message. So the Governor’s daughter isn’t the only victim. She has company.

All 4 victims are children and they’re all children of people who worked at the same pharmaceutical company. The Governor worked there before getting into politics. While he was there, they developed a drug for SMA, Spinal Musculature Atrophy. But before they cured the disease, they stopped producing the drug. Asthma was a much more widespread and therefore profitable venture, so the company shifted gears. Unfortunately, this left a lot of people angry (and potentially murderous).

Scorpion orchestrates a company break-in, sending Sylvester as the inside man, since he has a photographic memory. Sylvester goes in, visually reads the 30 pages of potential culprits and gets out of the pharmaceutical company before he’s shot to death.

Gallo eventually figures out the truth – their perpetrator is a father who lost a child. He’s hurting others the way he was hurt. It’s a biology professor – with the ability to create deadly viruses. Walter realizes that CDC can make an antidote to the virus if the learn the virus’ makeup, so they break into the professor’s office and hunt down his files. While in the professors’ office, Walter discovers that the Professor created another virus, specifically to kill the person he’s most angry at – the Governor himself.

Now the gang rush to a local mall, where the Governor and the Professor are set to meet. The governor thinks he’s getting the antidote for his daughter but Walter and his team knows the Professor is planning to kill the Governor. Despite a mad rush to stop the Professor, he’s able to spray the virus into the air, aiming directly for the Governor. But Walter thinks quickly, setting a small fire which sets off the mall’s sprinkler system, killing the virus in the air. The Governor is safe. And the Professor learns that despite his pain, he had no right to inflict it upon anyone else.

Their mission completed, Scorpion ends up joining Paige and her son, Ralph, for a cookout and celebration on the roof. They might all be outcasts but slowly, they’re becoming family.