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Season 1: Episode 7 - Father's Day
Posted on Nov 4, 2014 12:00am

This week, Scorpion is caught between a rock and hard place when Paige gets a call from her son’s long lost father, Drew. He hasn’t seen Ralph in 7 years and the entire crew is pretty protective over their "mini-me.” Paige isn’t sure if she’ll allow Ralph to meet Drew and risk having Ralph be disappointed all over again. But she’s certain that she wants to make up her own mind, without the interference of a band of geniuses.

Meanwhile, Scorpion gets their next mission. Three convicts, including one well-known hacker, Percy Tate, just escaped from prison, without any sign of a breakout. How did they do it? Walter and the team go to the prison to investigate. When they arrive, the warden assures them that every gate is under surveillance. Every gate except one.

The warden takes Scorpion down to the basement, to see an old gate that’s no longer in use. It’s been walled off. It doesn’t lead anywhere. But through their sleuthing, Scorpion realizes that the wall next to the gate is hollow. Happy blasts her fist through the wall, finding a transmitter. Seems these escaped cons were using the transmitters to open up a working gate without detection. Pretty smart.

At first, Walter thinks that the two Russian escaped cons must be taking Percy against his will, since they saw him being dragged off the prison yard via a hacked security camera. Percy only had 10 months left on his sentence. He must be a victim of the other two escaped cons.

Eventually, Walter realizes that this almost genius criminal is not actually a victim, but a mastermind. Percy figured out how to hack into the New York Stock Exchange, but he had to escape quickly, while he still had the window to achieve his plan. The two Russians are actually Percy’s decoys, used for their ability to find a getaway car and get the three of them out of prison.

Walter and his team hack into Percy’s laptop webcam, enabling them to see their target firsthand. It looks like the tides have turned. The two Russian escaped convicts are holding Percy hostage, forcing him to go through with his financial thievery on their behalf. Walter knows that as soon as Percy completes his mission, making millions off his stock exchange heist, his two Russian accomplishes are going to kill him. Scorpion has to rescue Percy, the renowned hacker, before he’s literally dead meat. The gang goes to the escaped cons safe house, ready to nab them, but they’re found out before they succeed. Luckily, Cabe is nearby with the feds as backup. Scorpion is safe and the escaped cons will be returned to where they belong – prison.

Meanwhile, Walter can’t help but be concerned about Ralph’s potential meeting with his long last father. He has Toby check into the deadbeat Dad’s background, but the guy comes back clean. Ralph’s Dad hasn’t been a great father. In fact, he hasn’t been a father to his son at all. But with Happy’s urging, Paige decides to let Ralph meet with his Dad, if only to stop him from waiting for his return forever.

In the end, Walter agrees to keep a close watch on Ralph, the budding genius. And he gains a new appreciation of the man who taught him the most fatherly lesson of all – a mean right hook. His boss, Cabe Gallo.