Season 1: Episode 9 - Rogue Element
Posted on Nov 18, 2014 12:00am

A local Congressman takes a boat ride with an aide. Suddenly, the boat explodes, killing both on board. What happened? If there’s one thing Scorpion knows, when a Congressman dies, you can bet it’s no accident.

While they’re investigating, Cabe is met with a familiar face - his ex-wife, Rebecca, whom he hasn’t seen in 15 years. She’s now a lawyer, remarried with a daughter and she needs Cabe’s help. Rebecca found a file with a strange message on it: CA 78 SE. She copied the file onto a flash drive, wanting to decipher its message. But once she copied the file, she became a target. Fearful for her life, Rebecca tossed the flash drive into a plant in her office lobby. Is it still there? If so, how will Scorpion get it? Cabe enlists Scorpion to help him solve the mystery and protect his ex-wife.

Walter goes to Rebecca’s office to find the missing flash drive. As usual, Walter fails to listen to Cabe’s direction and he ends up attracting the attention of office security. Walter grabs the flash drive and barely escapes from the building, falling from a window to Cabe’s open sunroof, several floors below. Cabe yells at Walter for his bad behavior – but Rebecca can see that Cabe is only yelling because he views Walter like a son.

With some sleuthing, Scorpion decodes the message. The Congressman was in the 78th district in California. That accounts for "78” and "CA.” What does SE mean? Special Election. Someone was trying to raise money for a Special Election to replace the local congressman. But they were raising money before he was killed. His death was a hit. Now Scorpion has to solve the murder – and fast, before they’re targets themselves.

On the blown-up boat, Happy finds that there’s a valve that looks unused. Someone replaced it to make it look like there was no foul play. Happy and Sylvester do some Internet investigation to see who recently bought that type of boat valve in the LA area. They’re narrowing in on their target.

When Scorpion returns to their office with the stolen flash drive, it’s in complete disarray. Someone has broken in. Scorpion’s time to solve this murder is running out. Cabe takes Rebecca to the only safe place he knows, an abandoned house, which happens to be where he once lived with Rebecca and their young daughter, who passed away.

In an instant, Rebecca is gone, abducted and thrown into the backseat of a car by the Congressmen’s killers. Cabe and Walter go after her, determined to get her back.

It’s a high-speed car chase on a California freeway. With Happy’s engineering expertise, Walter figures out how to accelerate just enough to hit the abductor’s car and derail it from the highway. Walter hits the car dead on, Cabe shoots the tires and Rebecca is safe – which is all Cabe ever wanted.

With the murder solved and Rebecca safely back with her family, Scorpion is back to normal – or at least, their version of normal. Cabe may have lost his relationship with his first great love. But he has a new family, in this strange, genius band of misfits.