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Season 1: Episode 10 - Talismans
Posted on Nov 25, 2014 12:00am

For once – it’s not Walter who’s in trouble. It’s his sister.

Walter is called to bail out his sister, Megan, from jail after she ditched the hospital where she’s being treated for MS, got drunk and disorderly and then resisted arrest. Megan pleads with Walter to let her stay with him a few days. Maybe they can hang out? She can see his work? Walter is skeptical but he can see that Megan really needs this. She’s been cooped up in the hospital too long. Walter takes his sister back to the Scorpion garage for a few days, to meet his friends.

Their reunion doesn’t last long – Walter is quickly called with Scorpion to a top-secret military mission – in Bosnia. A plane with important military software onboard has been shot down. Scorpion will need to retrieve this software before the rebels get it and the security of the United States is threatened.

Sylvester offers to stay with Megan and decode the location of the missing Bosnian plane from the Scorpion garage. Walter agrees and he heads with Cabe and the rest of the team on a military plane with a band of Navy Seals whose mission is to bring the military pilot’s remains safely back to his family.

Before they leave, the pilot’s widow meets them at the airport, asking if they could bring back the pilot’s necklace. Her husband always intended to pass it down to their son. Now that he’s gone, the necklace is all she has left of him. Walter thinks it’s silly to put emotional value on physical objects but luckily Paige is there to explain the significance to him.

On the plane, Walter meets Lt. James Corbin, a Navy Seal. Will these two alpha males, one military, one computer geek, be able to get along? In Bosnia, they blow a tire while looking for the plane. Suddenly, the enemy opens fire and Scorpion finds themselves in a hostile zone. Suddenly, this mission has turned into a life or death situation.

Happy and Toby fall into a ravine and are separated from the group. They have to depend on each other to survive. Toby opens up about his feelings for Happy. He might hide them occasionally with snide remarks but that’s only because he cares. How does Happy feel about Toby? She’s softening but for now, her armor is still up.

Walter and the crew get to the burnt plane but something’s fishy. There’s fresh blood on the ground. The pilot isn’t dead – he’s been captured. Now the mission is about bringing the pilot back - alive.

With help from Sylvester’s off-site sleuthing, Walter and the Navy Seal find the captured pilot – only to hear him being tortured. They’re about to get him out of there when the enemy comes back, guns drawn. Walter says he’ll decipher the code for them. But instead, he erases it and the Navy Seal shoots the enemy. They get out with the pilot still alive – as a team.

While driving back to base, Walter and the crew find Toby and Happy on the side of the road, Toby carrying a hurt Happy on his back. Happy tells them never to speak of this – but everyone can see that Toby and Happy’s bond is growing.

Back at home – Walter’s sister is happy she had this time out of the hospital. A little glimpse of normal life – if life with Scorpion could be called normal. The pilot is reunited with his grateful family. And Walter admits that even he holds onto a talisman – a bracelet that reminded him of his sister when she was sick as a child. It seems that the computer genius is sentimental after all.