Season 1: Episode 11 - Revenge
Posted on Dec 9, 2014 12:00am

Walter is Scorpion’s Tin Man – a brilliant mind without a heart. Or so he says.

Convinced that his genius compensates for a lack of emotion, Walter is sure that he doesn’t experience feelings like "normal” people. But when an International gang of thieves almost kills Sylvester, Walter reveals that the Tin Man may have a heart after all.

This week, Scorpion is after "The Ghost,” an international ring of thieves who have an impressive track record of stealing everything from drugs, to cash, to jewels, with no concern for any human life lost in the mission. The Ghost always gets what they want. And there’s usually a heavy toll of causalities in their wake.

During Scorpion’s investigation, Sylvester inadvertently sets off a bomb, sending him to the local hospital’s intensive care unit. The rest of Scorpion struggle to retain their composure while their friend fights for his life in a hospital bed. But Walter becomes laser focused. If someone is going to mess with one of his own, he’s going to get revenge. And it’s going to be good.

Meanwhile Paige’s ex, Drew, wants a second change at a relationship with Paige. After years of raising her son on her own, it’s nice to finally have Ralph’s Dad around. But she’s not sure if that means she should trust Drew enough to let him back into her heart.

On the mission, Scorpion discovers that The Ghost is trying to break into a certain kind of vault that requires 5 explosive devices to disarm. It’s up to Scorpion to figure out which business fits the bill before the heist is pulled off.

Once Scorpion identifies the culprits, they end up in hot pursuit, driving after The Ghost, who attempts to escape by motorcycle. Walter successfully plants his phone on one of the criminals during a tussle, so the crew can track the perp using Walter’s GPS.

Happy gets her own idea and asks Cabe to stop the car. She jumps out, not sure what she’s going to do next. Happy finds a utility truck and grabs a huge wrench. She stands by a fire hydrant, waiting for the perps to drive by. At the moment they do, she bangs on the hydrant, releasing a torrent of water that stops The Ghost in their tracks. Cabe is able to pull out his gun and force the thieves into submission. It’s hands-up for The Ghost - except there’s one still on the loose.

The last remaining thief manages to run into a building, escaping to the roof. Walter follows him there to find the criminal hanging off the side of the building, grabbing onto a rickety metal ladder. When the ladder gives way, the thief begs Walter for help. "Lift me up,” the perp pleads. But this is one of the men who put Walter’s close friend, Sylvester, in the hospital. Walter hesitates and the thief loses his grip, falling to his death to the roof of a car below.

Both Paige and Cabe are worried. Has Walter become unfeeling, like a member of The Ghost?

In the hospital, a slowly recovering Sylvester assures Walter that he couldn’t have saved the bad guy. At that angle, with the weight differential between them, extending a helping hand to the thief would definitely have pulled Walter over the edge of the building. But that’s not why Walter didn’t help. The genius who assured everyone that he doesn’t "get pissed” just couldn’t bring himself to help someone who had caused his friend so much pain.

Walter may have a brain bigger than Einstein’s. But his heart is beating just as strong.