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Season 1: Episode 12 - Dominoes
Posted on Dec 16, 2014 12:00am

From Happy’s estranged family to Walter’s disavowal of anything emotional, Christmas is not Scorpion’s favorite holiday. But this year – Scorpion puts their brain power together to learn the true meaning of Christmas and save a young boy's life.

At Zuma Beach in Malibu, Walter spends some time hanging out with his sister. When Walter sees a young boy, Owen (10), having trouble flying a kite, he goes over to show him the best way to catch the most air.

Once Walter rejoins his sister, a sudden rock slide traps Owen underneath the beach. The problem is – they can’t simply dig or use any force to get him out. Too much force will cause the air pocket underneath to cave in, burying the boy alive. But going too slowly will cause him to run out of oxygen before he can be saved.

Walter calls Happy and Toby back at the garage, asking for help. Happy says she can build a lever that would raise the rock trapping Owen’s leg, allowing him to escape. But can she make it in time?

At the beach, Sylvester initially says they have an hour and 22 minutes to save the young boy’s life. But the pressure of the situation caused him to make a mistake. He changes his calculations. The actual time remaining to save Owen: less than an hour.

Despite the ticking clock, Walter is determined to save this smart boy - maybe because he reminds him of himself. Walter throws a phone into the hole underground where the boy is trapped, so he can communicate with him via a touchscreen.

Paige tries to keep Owen calm, talking to him about Christmas like she’d talk to her own son, Ralph. But the boy has water up to his neck in a cramped space underground. He’s scared, making him breathe fast with an elevated heart rate. By his breathing, Walter can tell that the boy has a collapsed lung. Owen’s fear is only making things worse.

Walter has an idea – but as usual, it’s unconventional. Walter realizes that Owen will be engulfed in water before they’re able to free him from the rock slide underneath the beach. But he can stay alive if they hook him up to tubes, allowing oxygen to flow into his body while he’s submerged. For Owen to stay alive he needs to stop breathing.

Walter risks his own life to go underground, joining Owen in the cramped, water filled space. He tells Owen that once he’s under water, he’s going to want to struggle to breathe. Walter’s lifesaving advice – don’t! Let the oxygen tubes breathe for him. Then, Happy and Toby will get to Zuma Beach in time with their lever contraption, enabling them to free Owen and his trapped leg and escape the slide before it’s too late.

Owen’s scared but he trusts Walter. He agrees to be hooked up to tubes so he can breathe underwater. Walter is forced to leave Owen underground and come back to ground level.

Happy builds the lever but now she and Toby have to race to get it to Malibu. They steal a motorcycle and are able to rush through traffic to make it just in time. Walter goes back down once more with Happy’s homemade lever. He uses it to raise the rock trapping Owen’s leg, freeing the young boy and bringing him back to safety.

At first, Owen isn’t breathing and Scorpion fears they’ve lost him. But with a quick exhale of water, Owen is breathing again and Walter and his team can finally breathe themselves.

This young boy’s rescue was engineered by science. But Walter knows that on Christmas, it’s best to leave out the science and simply explain it as a miracle.