Season 1: Episode 13 - Kill Screen
Posted on Jan 6, 2015 12:00am

Every day, some member of Scorpion gets themselves in big trouble. But this time, the one in hot water is their young protégée, Ralph.

Walter was teaching the young genius the ins and out of a well-known video game. The only problem is - Ralph, much like Walter, sometimes is too smart for his own good. Ralph unknowingly cracked a secret level in the video game. When several C.I.A. agents are killed due to someone playing that secret level, Ralph becomes the top suspect and is brought to questioning.

Walter's mother, Paige, is furious. Her son is supposed to be learning from this band of geniuses, not getting incarcerated for it! Walter apologizes. He wants to believe he was just having fun with Walter, but everyone else knows better. Walter's been trying to impress Paige, so he's been going out of his way to be Ralph's friend. Toby lets Walter know that Ralph's still a kid, so Walter has to be the adult in their relationship.

The gang tracks down the game designer, Nate, online. Understanding gaming culture, Toby contacts Nate online, hurling insults in hopes of getting him to respond. Luckily, Nate does respond and Happy and the crew are able to trace him via cell phone GPS - right to a big time gaming convention.

At the convention, Scorpion heads to the GPS location - a closed gaming "village" where you have to beat a high score in order to enter. Luckily, Sylvester is a former gaming whiz and he easily beats the game, getting them in. They track down Nate, a teenager, who makes a run for it when he sees Scorpion tracking him. Scorpion catches up to Nate, bringing him to their office. But when questioned, Nate seems innocent. Nate's partner, Calvin, was the true game mastermind. When Nate offers to get a confession from Calvin about creating the secret level, Scorpion agrees. Nate meets his colleague at a local coffee shop. It all seems like a good plan, until Calvin gets suspicious and lures Nate into a back alley, stabbing him.

Scorpion is in hot pursuit, with Walter and the gang going after Calvin and Toby and Happy working valiantly to save Nate's life. Lost in the back alleys of Los Angeles, Walter realizes where they are - they're in the game! Nate and Calvin designed the game to resemble the very area they worked in everyday. Now, the only way they can track down Calvin is to find someone who knows these streets as well as the game designers -the game expert, Ralph.

Paige reluctantly lets her son play the game to help Scorpion solve the case. Meanwhile, Toby gets creative and is able to stop Nate's bleeding with a spare tampon that Happy hid in her tool case. Toby and Happy get Nate to the hospital just in time. By playing the game, Ralph successfully guides Walter to Calvin. Scorpion captures Calvin and is able to bring him to the C.I.A., getting young Ralph off the hook.

It's a happy ending, but in the end, this mission was no game. Walter's missteps almost led ten year old Ralph in jail for allegedly killing C.I.A. operatives. Paige and her ex, Drew, wonder if Scorpion's intrigue is making their genius son grow up a little too fast.