Season 1: Episode 14 - Charades
Posted on Jan 19, 2015 12:00am

Paige wakes up, startled by a surprisingly sexy dream she had – about Walter. It seems Scorpion has invaded her life in more ways than one.

When she gets to the office, she finds that they have a new mission. An office worker in the CIA was found transporting chemicals to a foreign national. Yet, the CIA officer’s emails to the foreign contact sound more like love notes than something devious. Was he really doing something illegal? Or is he just in love?

Scorpion goes to investigate and finds out that the CIA operative is indeed in love with Sima, the foreign national he’s been communicating with. The problem is – Sima has been playing her love interest for a fool. She told him she needed chemicals to make pesticides for healthy food. But she really wanted the chemicals to make bombs. Now Scorpion has to meet up with this sexy deviant and get the chemicals back before she takes them to her home country.

Walter has a machine that can transpose anyone’s voice into someone else’s. His plan is to call Sima and arrange a date, acting as if the CIA operative. But Paige realizes that Walter is unable to flirt. So she calls Sima with her voice disguised as the CIA operative. It works! Sima agrees to the date – but of course, Paige can’t show up. Walter is going to have to put aside his stony face and seduce Sima in order to get the chemicals back.

While Walter goes out on his date/mission, Happy breaks into Sima’s hotel room by climbing the side of the building, Spiderman-style, wearing special gloves given to her by the CIA. The gloves come loose and it looks like Happy might plummet to her death, but Sylvester advises her to swing back and forth until she can jump onto the nearby ledge. Happy uses her momentum and is able to land on the ledge safely. But that was a close call.

Sima meets for Walter and seems to be falling for his charms. But that’s because Paige has been talking Walter through the entire date, literally speaking to him through a tiny earpiece. But when Sima’s watch alarm goes off, she knows Happy just broke into her safe with the chemicals. And she knows Walter is a fake. Sima hits him on side of head and takes out his earpiece. She can hear Paige’s voice.

Sima gets Walter on a plane. She’s waiting for the CIA operative she knew to bring the other chemical onbaord, then she’ll let Walter go. But of course – never believe the word of a criminal. When Cabe arrives with the chemicals instead of the CIA operative, Sima doesn’t abide by the bargain she struck. She knocks Cabe out, pushing him off the plane and is about to take off with Walter, back to her home country, where Walter no doubt will be killed.

With some quick thinking, Walter frees himself from his handcuffs, pouring liquor and gasoline in the plane. He lights it on fire, creating a big gaping hole in the plane’s side. Then, as the plane is still driving down the runway, he jumps out onto an awaiting car, driven by Happy.

Walter is back with the crew, safe and sound. He can’t believe that Sima would risk so much just to see the CIA operative again. It turns out Sima really was in love with the CIA staffer. It’s not logical, Walter says. He might be a genius, but he seems to be the only one who still doesn’t understand the illogical nature of love.