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Season 1: Episode 15 - Forget Me Nots
Posted on Jan 20, 2015 12:00am

Paige continues to struggle with Drew’s pressure for her to move with him to Portland, Maine. Drew thinks he’ll get assigned to a baseball team there and he hopes Paige and their son, Walter, will join him. But Paige has forged a new life with Scorpion. She’s not sure if she wants to give it up just yet.

Meanwhile, a nuclear silo in Iceland is almost hacked. Had the break been successful, the hacker would have gained the ability to launch American missiles at any target, threatening millions of lives. It’s another case for Scorpion.

The Federal government calls for Scorpion’s help. They admit that the United States keeps secret missiles in foreign locations, in case we need to launch them in a moment of crisis. The problem is, many years ago, there was a little known attack on President Bill Clinton outside an event in Burbank, California. It was thwarted by one of his Secret Security agents. Unfortunately, while the agent was undergoing surgery, someone stole the "football,” the code name for a briefcase carrying the access codes and remote detonator for all of America’s foreign missiles. The codes have long been changed but whoever has this "football” has the ability to blow up the world! It’s up to Scorpion to jolt the agent’s memory and enable him to remember who stole the "football.”

The gang brings the former Secret Service agent, Bruce, to their office. Toby has a machine that will help electrically jolt the agent’s now faulty memory back to life. Cabe tries it first, to prove that it’s safe. Cabe survives the electric jolt and suddenly seems to have the vitality of a twenty year old.

Once Bruce is hooked up to Toby’s machine, he remembers that the man who stole the "football” had a blue finger. Toby realizes that someone with a particular disease would get a blue finger when exposed to cold or under extreme stress.

Walter and the crew track down another agent who was present at the failed Clinton shooting. Before they meet, Toby dumps his hand in ice water to make his hand cold. When Toby shakes the agent’s hand, the agent develops a blue finger. That’s their guy! The agent makes a run for it, but Cabe has a newfound energy and is able to jump the guy.

While Scorpion has one man in custody they realize that the "football,” aka briefcase with a detonator, is still missing. With Happy and Sylvester’s expertise, they’re able to track down the "football’s” location to a nearby docked boat.

They have only 9 minutes before the bomb goes off! It’s aimed at Russia and everyone will assume the U.S. launched it, inevitability starting a world war. Scorpion doesn’t have much time. They reach the bad guy, but he tosses the "football” onto nearby train tracks. If train hits it button will deploy and million die. Happy gets an idea.

Happy jumps into a construction vehicle with a large magnet hanging off a crane. She reverses the polarities of the train tracks and flips the switch, stopping the train from detonating the bomb just in time. As usual, Happy’s quick thinking saves the day!

With the "football” destroyed and the threat of nuclear war gone, the gang takes Bruce back to his rehabilitation center. He’s greeted by an old love, the former White House Secretary, who Scorpion was able to track down.

Bruce advises all of Scorpion to make as many great memories as you can – because you don’t get to decide which ones you keep.

In the end, Scorpion successfully averts another world-wide disaster. And Walter has a little revelations of his own. He admits to Paige that he’d miss Ralph if she moved with Drew to Maine. And he even says he’d miss Paige as well.

For someone who says love is nonexistent, Walter is developing something new. A heart.