Season 1: Episode 16 - Love Boat
Posted on Feb 10, 2015 12:00am

Walter’s been sweet on Paige for a while now. But on this Valentine’s Day, Scorpion takes a luxury cruise that might be the end of love and life for all of them.
The night before, a weapons manufacturer was ambushed by a man named Christoph and his band of thieves. Two innocent men were killed and several high-speed rockets were stolen. But the rockets were traced to the port of Long Beach, using a luxury cruise line as their mode of transport and hiding place. Scorpion has to hack into the boat’s security system, so they can disarm twenty rockets in 14 minutes.
The problem is – how are they going to get aboard?
Walter and his crew decide to impersonate a famous couple, Mr. and Mrs. Chaz Bonesteel and their entourage. This time, it’s Sylvester and Paige who pretend to be the moguls so famous, there are no pictures of them on the Internet so no one knows what they look like.
Everyone wears an earpiece, so they can communicate with each other and with Happy and Toby, who are researching the ship’s layout safely from the office.
Once onboard, Sylvester and Paige are quickly welcomed by the Captain with an invitation to eat at the Captain’s table. While they pretend to be the life of the party, Walter and Cabe get down to business, exploring the bowels of the ship. Initially, their plan was to get to the weapons and deactivate them before the ship set sail. But their timing was off and they hear the horn of the boat, signifying that they’re no longer docked. This mission is in motion – sailing on the open water.
Quickly, Christoph and his band of criminals realize that they have company. Walter and Cabe are found out and the bad guys start checking all of the passengers’ IDs. Sylvester and Paige have only minutes until they’re found out as fake. When Christoph calls for the Bonesteels, their fear lets him know he has his culprits. He takes Paige as a hostage putting a gun to her head. If they don’t get their rockets back, they’re going to shoot Paige in cold blood.
Walter volunteers himself in her place and is taken by Christoph and his crew onto a small rescue boat. Suddenly, Sylvester gains some bravery, channeling the spirit of Chaz Bonesteel, he jumps from the cruise ship onto Walter’s small rescue raft, disrupting it just long enough so Cabe and Walter can kill the bad guys.
With another successful mission under their belts, Walter decides not to pursue Paige just yet, giving her Valentine’s Day weekend off. And Sylvester gets some courage of his own, sending a Valentine to his new, secret object of affection – Walter’s sister.