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Season 1: Episode 17 - Going South
Posted on Feb 24, 2015 12:00am

Walter may be a genius, but his emotional IQ has always hovered near the bottom of the barrel. During a local TV news interview, Walter takes all the credit for Scorpion’s success, barely mentioning his genius team. Needless to say, his Scorpion teammates are not too pleased with the omission. Especially Sylvester, who thought of Walter as family and is secretly dating Walter’s sister. Scorpion is hired to rescue the daughter of a billionaire tech mogul, Zoe. She’s been abducted by Mexican rebels for a $2 million ransom. Now it’s up to Scorpion to head to Mexico in drug cartel country, locate the girl and let the Feds know her location so they can rescue her. Keeping a hostage is a liability. She’ll probably be dead in a week. Walter doesn’t intend to get involved in a rescue operation. But of course, Scorpion missions rarely end up as they anticipated. While en route to Mexico, Scorpion puts GPS tracking software onto each bill that they’re using as ransom. That way, once the abductors take the money, it can be tracked and hopefully lead back to the girl held hostage. It’s a good thing they put GPS trackers on the $2 Million they’re carrying in cash, because they’re quickly robbed when they initially arrive in Mexico. They’re left 10 miles from town, deserted in the middle of nowhere. Eventually, Scorpion makes their way to their destination in Mexico. When they watch a new video of Zoe, they see a bird which Sylvester recognizes. He says that this type of bird only lives by shallow marshes. Now they can hone in on Zoe’s location. They rush over, hoping to end the rescue operation swiftly. Scorpion arrives only to find two automatic, motion-sensor machine guns aimed at them. It was a trap. Walter and the gang manage to escape the automatic guns by tossing oranges in front of them, letting the fruit be the target instead of Scorpion. But it was a narrow escape. Where is Zoe? And how will they find her?   Happy goes off to find the locals who built the machinery for the motion-sensor weapons. But she’s quickly abducted. Yet – Happy does not succumb easily. She turns the tables on her abductor, who ends up being just a scared teen in need of money. The teen ends up stealing from Scorpion – but that turns out to be a good thing, leading Scorpion straight to the bad guys and to Zoe. Scorpion heads to a remote building to rescue Zoe. With Cabe shooting at the cartel, Happy is able to sneak into the room where Zoe’s held captive and rescue her. But the cartel members meet Scorpion at the doorway. It looks like Scorpion and Zoe are done for – but Walter anticipated this. He has the same motion-sensor machine guns but now they’re aimed directly for the cartel members. They better not move for 24 hours or else that’ll be the last move they ever make. Scorpion is able to escape with Zoe, leaving the cartel behind, frozen in their tracks. The tech mogul is so happy with Walter’s work and his daughter’s safe return that he offers Walter a job. But Walter knows he has a good thing with Scorpion. He turns the mogul down.  Walter may be a genius, but he’s finally learning the importance of working as a team.