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6 Things You Didn't Know About The Scorpion Season Finale

Posted on Apr 26, 2016 | 07:05am
Scorpion wrapped up Season 2 with a thrilling rescue mission against a foe who knew the team as well as they knew themselves—he used to be one of them!

With lots of laughs and insights, Executive Producers Nick Santora and Nicholas Wootton gave us an exclusive insider commentary track for "Toby Or Not Toby" (Episode 24, Season 2). Among the things we learned:

  • When Tim and Paige are listening to jazz, the man on the album cover is Wootton, himself. The writers also came up with song names that are on the back of the album cover. This show is serious about details—we don't even see the back of the album, but the names are there!
  • Sam Hill, who directed the episode, is known for shooting the team's garage scenes with a lot of movement. He's also known for making different sounds—including bird calls—instead of yelling "Cut!"
  • The cell phones shown in the episode are actually working, though not on. In post production, they add the broken screen to one and show the other screen in operation.
  • The concept of brain-to-brain interface (BBI) is a real but nascent technology that the team found in their research.
  • The birds shown on camera, the California Brown Pelican, have a call that was a little over the top—so they swapped in a bird call from a different species.
  • Actor Scott Porter might be a genius—of the musical variety. For a scene where his character (Tim Armstrong) had to identify certain notes, Porter called the producers in the middle of filming to suggest some changes. Thanks to his last-minute help, the dialogue stayed true to music theory.
If you haven't seen it or want to enjoy it again, you can watch the Season 2 finale on And for a special treat, watch the full episode with the Nicks' commentary, chock full of behind-the-scenes surprises: