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Scorpion's Walter And Paige: Meant To Be?

Watch some of the biggest relationship episodes for #Waige.
Posted on Jun 30, 2016 | 08:05am
Over the first two seasons of Scorpion, Paige and Walter's simmering chemistry has been pushed to the backburner by bombs, runaway trains, stolen artwork, and general apocalypse scenarios. The two try to remain professional for "the sake of Team Scorpion," but it's obvious that they both have real feelings for each other:

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The pair was flirty and formal in "True Colors" (Episode 6, Season 1).

Team Scorpion attends a party where they believe a priceless piece of stolen art is hidden. In an effort to blend into the black-tie affair, Paige and Walter don formal attire. Check out what happens when the pair hit the party's dance floor.
Watch "True Colors" on demand with CBS All Access.

We couldn't dream up what happened in "Charades" (Episode 14, Season 1).

Before helping the team uncover a mole in the CIA's Internal Affairs Division, Paige gets a very interesting wakeup call.

Watch "Charades" on demand with CBS All Access.

Paige sealed the first season with a kiss in "Postcards from the Edge" (Episode 22, Season 1).

As part of a literal cliffhanger in the Season 1 finale, Team Scorpion fights to save Walter before time runs out. However, it might be Paige taking the biggest leap in the Season 1 finale of Scorpion.

Watch "Postcards from the Edge" on demand with CBS All Access.

Walter and Paige were sent into orbit in "Satellite of Love" (Episode 1, Season 2).

The safety of Team Scorpion—and all of southern California—is up in the air in the Season 2 premiere of Scorpion, and #Waige tries to ground their working relationship with a lip lock.

Watch "Satellite of Love" on demand with CBS All Access.

Paige put on the brakes in "Crazy Train" (Episode 7, Season 2).

A case gets personal when Team Scorpion discovers that a runaway train being used in a $50 million heist is carrying some even more precious cargo: Paige and Ralph. Walter risks his life to save them from the 90mph deathtrap—so, why does Paige slap him?

Watch "Crazy Train" on demand with CBS All Access.

Walter tests the waters in "Dam Break Through" (Episode 12, Season 2).

Team Scorpion is called on to save—and celebrate—Christmas in a big way. The geniuses must prevent a dam break through while Walter has an emotional breakthrough of his own.

Watch "Dam Break Through" on demand with CBS All Access.

#Waige throws caution to the wind in "Twist & Shout" (Episode 21, Season 2).

While on a mission to Vietnam, the team's plans are blown into disarray. Walter and Paige take some risks that could wind up in disaster.

Watch "Twist & Shout" on demand with CBS All Access.

Walter takes Paige's breath away in "Chernobyl Intentions" (Episode 23, Season 2).

Walter's oxygen tank tumbles away while trying to escape from the infamous Chernobyl power plant with Paige. With time running out as quickly as Paige's own oxygen, can she save Walter from drawing his last breath?

Watch "Chernobyl Intentions" on demand with CBS All Access.

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