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5 Incredible Adventures Team Scorpion Checked Off Its Bucket List

Travel like Team Scorpion—if you dare!
Posted on Aug 19, 2016 | 07:05am
Over the first two seasons of Scorpion, everyone's favorite team of misfits has traveled to some exotic locales to tackle some dangerous missions.

Ready to pack your bags, passport, and bravely travel #TeamScorpion style? Catch up with these episodes—and all the ones ever made—on demand with CBS All Access, so you can prepare some genius-style globetrotting!

1. Go crime-stopping in Cuba.

After a woman Cabe saved in Croatia 20 years ago shows up in the garage asking for help, Team Scorpion travels to Cuba to apprehend a Serbian war criminal.

Watch "Cuba Libre" (Episode 6, Season 2) on demand with CBS All Access.

2. Retrieve ancient artwork in Africa.

When Cabe is endangered by a businessman who steals antiquities, the members of the team take on new identities to save the Homeland Security agent behind enemy lines.

Watch "Djibouti Call" (Episode 20, Season 2) on demand with CBS All Access.

3. Throw caution to the wind in Vietnam.

While on a mission in Vietnam, a tornado blows the team's plan—and almost some of the team members—away.

Watch "Twist and Shout" (Episode 21, Season 2) on demand with CBS All Access.

4. Bring home some stealth technology from Bosnia.

While helping Navy SEALs locate a missing asset with a classified cloaking device, things heat up in the worst of ways.

Watch "Talismans" (Episode 10, Season 1) on demand with CBS All Access.

5. Solve crimes in snowy Antarctica.

Team Scorpion is forced to survive subzero temperatures to help the Pentagon find a missing strike team. When Happy is separated from the group, will her relationship with Toby freeze over?

Watch "White Out" (Episode 13, Season 2) on demand with CBS All Access.

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