Before They Were Team Scorpion

Even with shiny new government paychecks in hand, Walter and the gang haven’t forgotten where they came from.

Walter O'Brien - Team Scorpion

1. Walter O'Brien - Team Scorpion

While most adolescent boys hung out on the playground, Walter O’Brien was getting arrested for hacking into NASA. Over a decade later, Walter remains skeptical about helping Homeland Security again after things ended badly with Agent Gallo years ago. When the team learns that Walter has a sister battling MS they realize that he has a more personal reason for taking Gallo’s high-paying job offer.
Paige Dineen - Team Scorpion

2. Paige Dineen - Team Scorpion

A cheating ex-boyfriend pushed the waitress to be a hardworking single mom raising a very gifted son, Ralph. Now the “emotional translator” for Team Scorpion, Paige might get a second chance at a new life for her and Ralph.
Sylvester Dodd - Team Scorpion

3. Sylvester Dodd - Team Scorpion

The self-proclaimed human calculator struggled to connect with his family growing up. Although he hasn’t spoken to his parents in 10 years, the math savant found a new kind of family when he teamed up with Walter and friends.
Toby Curtis - Team Scorpion

4. Toby Curtis - Team Scorpion

After gambling his way through Harvard when he was only 17 years old, the world-class shrink still wound up a poker addict with a debt to pay back to an ex-fiancé. But when Toby finds himself still calling his ex after numerous unanswered voicemails, it seems he has an emotional debt to deal with too.
Happy Quinn - Team Scorpion

5. Happy Quinn - Team Scorpion

“Tools don’t let you down. Only people do.” At least, that is Happy’s relationship advice. Did she have a falling out with someone from her past? And can she put the pieces back together?