17 Reasons This Episode Was a Game-Changer

If you think the only thing that happened was Toby confessing his love for Happy, we're about to take you to school.

Walter's Special Treatment

1. Walter's Special Treatment

Even though multpile people hate it, Walter put cinnamon in the coffee (we suspect to make Paige happy).

2. Touching!

Walter puts cinnamon in coffeee = gets some Paige PDA. #WorthIt
Toby Saw That

3. Toby Saw That

Toby is a student of human interaction, so you better believe he sees what's going on with Walter and Paige. He even tried to mathematically prove that Walter likes Paige, bringing up said cinnamon in said coffee.

4. "Walter Likes Paige" Calculations

Here's a closer look at Toby's calculations. Is his formula sound?
No Walter. Just No.

5. No Walter. Just No.

Walter tried to claim that the cinnamon was for the antioxidants and improving brain function. We don't believe you Walter. Like at all. Also what is an oxidant? Are they bad?
Cinnamon is For Elves

6. Cinnamon is For Elves

We also learned a lot about Toby. He hates the smell of lavender, he is 13 months older than Walter, he doesn't like Drew, and he thinks cinnamon is for elves.
Sylvester is Still Afraid of Everything

7. Sylvester is Still Afraid of Everything

We learned that Sylvester thinks helicopters are just a box in the sky held up by a lawn mower blade and that he's terrified about riding in one. Same old Sylvester it seems, but just wait, we'll touch on that again soon.
Really Toby?

8. Really Toby?

Toby unbuckled his seat belt and tried to shield Happy from any danger when the helicopter was about to crash, which resulted in the satellite phone being destroyed. He has shown his feelings for Happy over and over this season, but the best was yet to come.
Walter Kept Giving Paige Special Treatment

9. Walter Kept Giving Paige Special Treatment

Walter made Paige repel down from the helicopter first, even though it went against Sylvester's calculations of the safest order to exit. Both Walter and Toby let their feelings compromise aspects of the mission at hand.
Big Toby Info, Real Big

10. Big Toby Info, Real Big

OMG We knew something looked different about Toby! He revealed that he is now 154 lbs after doing some light working out recently. Okay maybe that's not a game-changer.
Walter Still Doesn't Know How To Hug

11. Walter Still Doesn't Know How To Hug

Anytime Walter has to hug someone, it's amazing.
Sylvester Stood Up For Himself

12. Sylvester Stood Up For Himself

It took a life-changing, near-death experience for Sylvester to come out of his shell and stand up for himself to Pilot Marcus Bronson who had been hammering him all mission. It actually brought Sylvester and Bronson closer together, and maybe taught them both a lesson for the future.
More Touching!

14. More Touching!

For all those counting, that's twice this episode that Paige and Walter have had some meaningful physical contact.
Super Fun Guy Would Be Proud

15. Super Fun Guy Would Be Proud

Sylvester is basically an action hero now. Deal with it.

16. "We Be Dating"

Toby had the best quote from the episode. Hands down, not close.
Does Walter Have a Heart?

17. Does Walter Have a Heart?

Walter claims at the end of the episode that the heart is just a "circulatory muscle." But when it came time to erace Toby's white board "Walter Likes Paige" formula, he just couldn't do it. Maybe one day he'll admit his feelings for Paige.

Now that you have a clearer sense of exactly what happened, watch the episode again and you'll see why it was totally a game-changer.