CBS Stars' Favorite Moments

Daniel Dae Kim's Favorite Moments
Hawaii Five-0 - Mondays 10/9c
Telling Danno About the First Time He Met Malia
"This was a favorite because it was a totally unguarded moment between two characters. Most of the time, we see team members' interactions centered around a case, but here Chin got a chance to open up to Danny about something deeply personal. It was nice to see his vulnerable side, as well as Danno's."
Final Fight With Kaleo
"This was a standout to me mainly because I so enjoy working with Jason and Will. They are both such talented, generous actors and there was such a natural rapport with both of them. It's a very rare thing when Asian American actors are able to share the screen together in a non-stereotypical way, and I'm proud of 5-0 for creating those opportunities week after week."
Malia's Death
"These scenes were meaningful to me because they represented such deep, unmitigated loss. For an actor, they can be some of the most difficult, yet rewarding scenes to play. Taking something as intensely personal as the loss of a loved one and allowing it to be shared with millions of viewers is part of what makes TV so powerful as a storytelling medium."