CBS Stars' Favorite Moments

Eric Christian Olsen's Favorite Moments
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Partner Work
"My favorite Densi scene was when Kensi and Deeks react to seeing the FBI Agent lose his partner. This is the perfect micro representation of the Densi relationship. It starts off story based but in an instant becomes dramatic and honest. Kensi is heartbreaking in that moment. In true Densi fashion, in the next beat the scene becomes humorous and disarming."
A Rattled Hetty
"We very seldom get to see Hetty rattled and this is one of those rare moments. Callen confronts Hetty about the orphans in her life and as continues to question her, you see the guilt that stems from some of her choices. Both Chris O'Donnell and Linda Hunt are outstanding in this scene."
Deeks Disrobes
"My favorite use of unnecessary nudity this season was in 'Wanted.' This episode was directed by Chris O'Donnell who took his commitment to the directing role to a whole other level when he repeatedly had the Russian mobster use his large nude belly to bump me as I walked by. This was just as much fun to watch as it was to film."