CBS Stars' Favorite Moments

Phil Keoghan's Favorite Moments
Amazing Race - Sundays 8/7c
First Ever Helicopter Jump
"Nothing like racing for a million dollars and taking a leap of faith from 10,000 feet above Bora Bora. It was the first time we have had teams jump from a helicopter!"
Dave and Connor Persevere
"Dave and Connor finishing first for the second time in a row with Dave hopping his way through on crutches further proves how touch cyclists are. I loved their relationship; it epitomized what it means to race as a team."
Jumping Joey During the Scorpion Hunt
"The reactions from Max and jumping Joey during the scorpion hunt in Botswana were a real highlight. You never know with reality television where these great moments will come from."
Going Home to New Zealand
"Going home to New Zealand is always a treat for me but being able to share it with the teams and millions of viewers around the world is even better. Christchurch and Canterbury was showing off during our visit making the great aerial footage even more spectacular."